No. 5 Roby Tarbox

no-5-robyAccording to Audrey Mae’s artistic map diagram and gravestone numbering system, Roby’s gravestone is Gravestone Number Five.  Roby was the daughter of Joseph Tarbox. Roby was Audrey Mae’s, John Edward (“Ed”)’s and Edith Anna’s great, great (2 times) grandmother. Using a Smith-Corona typewriter in the 1980s, Audrey Mae typed the following mini-biography of Roby:


Bruce MacGunnigle – 11

Roby (née Tarbox) Spencer married Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) Spencer on April 3, 1817 in Exeter, Rhode Island. With the marriage of Roby, the Tarbox and Whitford ancestry came into Audrey Mae’s Spencer line.  Roby and Richard had eight children, Richard Anthony (b.9-1-1817), Audra Eleanor (b.5-16-1819), John J. (b.10-1837 died when small), Esther Amanda (b.6-17-1828 died 7-25-1833), Joseph Jason (b. 8-27-1821), William Augustus (b. 4-21-1824), Huldah Evaline (b.3-8-1833) and Esther Amanda (b.1-21-1835), named after her sister who died in childhood. Unfortunately, John J. died in infancy and Esther Amanda died in childhood. (Apparently that was not uncommon to name the next child after the child who died.  An interesting note is Cole’s History of … Kent Counties (1889) names the six children who lived to adulthood and only mentions that two died in infancy.)

Audrey Mae’s mini-biography of Roby and Dec. Richard with the attached letter “M” (for marriage) to show her gravestone numbering system of No.5 and No. 6 as the married couple:


Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) Spencer (b.5-11-1798   d.12-19-1889) was always referred to as Deacon Richard whereas “Deacon” and Roby’s first son was always referred to as Richard Anthony. This first son, Richard Anthony, gravestone No. 7 in Audrey Mae’s numbering system, only lived to be twenty-seven, but he left one daughter, Anna Maria (pronounce Mar-eye-ah) who was the mother of Audrey Mae’s, John Edward’s (“Ed’s”), and Edith Anna’s father, William J.B. Spencer.

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