Fall 2012

 Unidentified headstone inscriptions and more


The nine colonial ancestors without a gravestone photo on their web page are:

  • No. 4  Captain John Spencer, John and Huldah’s eldest son
  • No. 7 Richard Anthony Spencer, Audrey Mae’s, Edith Anna’s and John Edward’s great-grandfather
  • No. 21 Obediah Spencer, Captain John Spencer’s son
  • No. 25 Huldah Spencer, born 1814, died 1816
  • No. 26 Lydia Spencer, born 1813, died1827
  • No. 30 Huldah (née Spencer) Nye, born 1825, 1843
  • No. 31 Jamima Maxim Spencer (Mrs. John Anthony Spencer)
  • No. 51 Elizabeth Alice Potter (Mrs. William McGowen)
  • No. 60 George Spencer, born 1805 and died while a baby


Spencer descendants, while walking through your Spencer family cemetery, if you can match up a name with a stone inscription above, be sure to add a comment to this site.  Thanks.  Web site author lives 3,000 miles from this Spencer family grave site.