Family Lines

According to Audrey Mae’s gravestone numbering system and mini-biographies, the first generation couple in this Spencer family graveyard on the south side of Middle Road in East Greenwich, Rhode Island is Huldah (Gravestone No.1) and John (Gravestone No. 2).

John and Huldah’s sons who are buried in this graveyard are Captain John (Gravestone No. 4), Richard Anthony(“Deacon”) (Gravestone No. 5), and Hezekiah (Gravestone No. 15). The majority of the gravestones in this cemetery are descendants of these three sons.  Audrey Mae, Edith Anna and John Edward descend from John’s and Huldah’s son, Richard Anthony (“Deacon”).

Captain John Spencer and Phebe (née Vaughn) Spencer Family Line:

  • Huldah and John’s first son, Captain John (Gravestone No.4) married Phebe (Gravestone No. 3) and this marriage establishes the Captain John’s and Phebe’s Spencer family Line. John’s and Phebe’s children buried in this cemetery are Eliza (No. 16), Phebe Ann (No. 17), Harriet (No 18), Almera (No. 19), Matilda (No. 20), Obediah (No.21), Susan Caroline (No.22), Delilah (née Spencer) Whipple (No.65), and also John Anthony (No. 32), who married Jamima (No.31).  John Anthony’s and Jamima’s children who are buried in the Spencer cemetery are Martha (No.33), Ella (No.34), Alice (No.35), John (No.36) and Walter (No.37).

Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) and Roby (née Tarbox )Spencer Family Line:

  • Huldah’s and John’s sixth child, Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) (Gravestone No. 6) married Roby (Gravestone No. 5) and this is Audrey Mae’s, John Edward’s and Edith Anna’s direct family line. Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) and Roby’s first son is Richard Anthony (No.7) who died at age 27. He left  one daughter, Anna Maria (Mar-eye-ah) (No.8 ) who married John Johnson Spencer (No.8).  Anna Maria and John Johnson’s youngest son, Alfred Ernest (“Uncle Ern”) (No.40), and eldest son, Richard Augustus (“Uncle Rich”) (No. 42), are buried in this Spencer cemetery. However, their middle son, William J.B. Spencer–Audrey Mae’s father–,is not buried in this Spencer cemetery. Alfred Ernest’s (No.40) son, Richard Anthony (No.39), is buried next to his father.  The gravestone of Richard Anthony’s two daughters, Deborah and Jane (No.41), is next to their grandfather’s, Alfred Ernest’s, gravestone.  Richard Augustus (No. 42) married Lottie Lees (No.42); and two of their three daughters, Annie (No.43) and Amy (No.44) are buried in the Spencer cemetery.  Also, Gravestone (No.38) is the marker for William J.B. and Mary Jane (née Vaughn) Spencer’s first granddaughter, Anna Lucia and their first grandson, Frank, Jr. Anna Lucia and Frank, Jr. are the first and third child of Edith Anna (née Spencer) and Frank Evarone.  Edith Anna is the first child of William J.B. and Mary Jane (née Vaughn) Spencer.

Joseph Jason Spencer and Celinda (née Kettelle) Spencer Family Line:

  • Richard Anthony (“Deacon”)’s and Roby’s third son is Joseph Jason (Gravestone No. 9)  who married Celinda Kettelle, a marriage that continued Richard Anthony’s (“Deacon”) and Roby’s Spencer family line.  Joseph Jason and Celinda’s children buried in the Spencer Cemetery are Joseph David (No.10), Richard Anthony (No.11), Roby Ella (No.12), Melissa (No.13), Richard Burnside (No.14), and Augustus Burnside (No. 24).

Roby Alice (née Spencer) and George Rathbun Line:

  • Roby Alice Spencer (Gravestone No.48) married George Rathbun (Gravestone No. 49).  Three of their children, Marcus Rathbun (No. 45), Lilly Bell Rathbun (No. 46), and Alphonse Rathbun (No. 47), are buried in the Spencer family cemetery.

Audra Eleanor and Benjamin Spencer Line:

  • Richard Anthony’s (“Deacon”) and Roby’s first daughter Audra Eleanor (Gravestone No. 53) married Benjamin Spencer (Gravestone No. 54).  Audra Eleanor’s and Benjamin’s children buried in the Spencer Family Cemetery are John Johnson (No.8), William Anthony (No.23), Richard Benjamin (No.52), and Evelyn Augusta (No. 57), who married John Rathbun (No.58).  Evelyn Augusta and John Rathbun’s  children buried in the Spencer cemetery are Robert Rathbun (No.55) and Alfred V. Rathbun (No. 56).  Also, Wilfred Raymond Rathbun (No.63) died as a baby and is related to this line. More research is needed.

Spencer, Johnson, Goff, Vaughn, Tarbox, Whitford, Kettelle, Briggs, McGowen, Evarone, Smith, Gadsby, Aust, Cappelli, Rathbun, Potter, Wells, Bates, Cahoon, Keach, Harrington and Whipple descendants, if you have any additional information on Spencer family lines in the Spencer family cemetery,  please add a comment to this web site and the web site editor will add this to the site. Thanks.”