No. 56 Alfred V. Rathbun

no-56-alfred-v-rathbun-0332According to Audrey Mae’s artistically designed cemetery map and Audrey Mae’s gravestone numbering system in her Spencer Historical Family Cemetery, Alfred V. Rathbun’s gravestone is Gravestone Number Fifty-Six. Alfred is a ninth-generation Spencer in the East Greenwich, Rhode Island because of his mother, Evelyn Augusta (née Spencer) who was the first wife of John Rathbun. Using her Smith-Corona typewriter in the 1980s, Audrey Mae typed the following mini-biography of Alfred V. Rathbun:ams-56-alfred-v-rathbun

Bruce MacGunnigle – 56 (same number as Audrey Mae’s numbering)

Audrey Mae’s writing has Evelyn Augusta Spencer (No. 57) and John Rathbun (No. 58) as Alfred’s parents. ams-57-evelyn-augusta-spencerams-58-john-rathbun

According to Audrey Mae,  Alfred’s brother is Robert Rathbun (Gravestone No. 55).ams-55-robert-rathbun

Robert and Alfred’s mother is Evelyn Augusta (gravestone No. 57) who is the daughter of Audra Eleanor (gravestone No. 53) who is the daughter of Roby and Richard Anthony (“Deacon”) Spencer who are Audrey Mae’s great, great grandparents.

Delightful story re Alfred’s parents and his aunt and uncle:

The two Rathbun brothers, (George–Gravestone No. 49 and John– Gravestone No. 58) married the two Spencer sisters, (Evelyn –Gravestone No. 57 and Roby Alice–Gravestone No. 48).

Article about the Rathbun brothers who married the Spencer sisters:


According to the above article on the Rathbone (sic) genealogy, the Spencer sisters are the daughters of Benjamin (gravestone No. 54) and Audra (gravestone No. 53).

Audrey Mae’s daughter, Crystal, met one of the Rathbun descendants who gave her copies of the above articles.

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